2019 is the dried chilli twenty years market the highest years? Dried chilli market prediction in the future

by:Hetian     2020-10-09
Usual dried chilli market analysis in November 2017, pepper planted area to reduce opened 2018, dried chilli prices soaring, temperatures of superposition time 2018 older nationwide chili flowering and fruit setting rate lower, August rainfall is also the origin of capsicum affected, especially production in shandong district is serious, has great influence on the quality of hot pepper production, dried chilli prices to continue rising in 2019. Due to supply the high quality source shortage contradiction, superposition stockist for 2019 bulls market sentiment, dried chilli in 2019 hit a high market value for twenty years. Dried chilli in 2020 forecast last year Spring Festival dried chilli prices remain high, the main reason is that before the Spring Festival, dried chilli library remaining less than thirty percent of foreign goods, stockist for a second order after the Spring Festival, dried chilli prices continue to rise, due to the dry chili shelf-stable, it increases the stockist holds the confidence, also increased the difficulty of the acquisition. In addition to the competition of the fresh chili, also on dried chilli prices caused a certain impact. Region hot pepper production this year is significant, coupled with the increase of area of dried chilli judged the market supply should be more sufficient, the dry chili to predict the future price will be steady, the specific details, also have to see the afternoon market. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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