Who to pay the freight of smoked paprika spice sample?
At Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd., the freight of sample is collected. If we have some products in stock, we can offer one or two samples for free. But the international express freight is even more expensive than our samples. We are afraid that we can not pay the freight for you. But if you are satisfied with our samples and place an order, we can offer a discount to you. And if you are ordering a relatively large quantity of customized samples, we can cover the freight.

The popularity of cooking spices produced by Hetian brand has been increasing rapidly. Hetian's main products include jalapeno powder series. Hetian sweet paprika powder has more excellent stability due to the welding of gold wire with the yoke and the welding greatly increases the life expectancy of lamp beads. It is not prone to moisture and heat. This product is internationally renowned for its superior performance and long life. Its purity can be up to 95%.

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