What about the exports of Hetian in recent years?
Recent years have seen the increasing exports of jalapeno flakes at Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd.. Now the proportion is over 60 percent to the total. This is a result of our joint efforts to expand the overseas markets with our partners and agents. Now the main destinations to us are mainly America and Europe. In the future, the market would certainly be expanded based on our continued efforts to get more local certifications and meet more international standards.

The industry believes that Hetian is already in the leading position in wholesale spices suppliers. Hetian's main products include ginger powder series. In order to ensure long service life, Hetian jalapeno powder recipes is deliberately investigated during the research and development process in terms of its reliability, efficiency, and heat dissipation capacity. The product is not susceptible to mold contamination. The product is safe and durable and can be used for a long time. Adopting advanced extraction technologies, the product has no impurities.

In our factories, our sustainability process drives decreased energy consumption by installing new technologies and more efficient facilities while optimizing business and manufacturing processes. Inquiry!
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