The soothing yellow of turmeric, the fiery red of chilli

by:Hetian     2020-05-19
Food comes alive on our taste buds, with a certain aroma and texture, when cooked with Indian spices. Pepper and cinnamon are commonly used to flavour cuisines originating from Europe and the America's. In ancient Europe, black pepper was used to preserve food as well as season spoilt food. Spices such as cloves and cinnamon were used as natural air fresheners to clear away odour from a room. Indian spices have been blessed with an array of beneficial properties that have made them an invaluable commodity. Apart from its legendary palate-enriching properties, home grown spices are known to have medicinal qualities as well. Turmeric is widely believed to have properties that fight off debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's and Cancer. Cinnamon is gaining ground as a natural stress buster that reduces blood cholesterol levels. Spices continue to be a precious commodity in today's global market place. The only thing that has changed is the way in which spices in India are traded across the world. Spice growers and traders can export their wares to the rest of the world through their own organizations, such as All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF), or through export houses such as - Evergreen Exporters. Export houses are setting the benchmark for high quality spices with cutting edge techniques in manufacturing coupled with advanced knowledge in procurement and packaging. This two-pronged approach allows for spices in India to be traded at the most competitive prices and ensures prompt delivery to overseas markets and clients. Indian spices are now exported to faraway Europe as well neighbouring Asian countries such as China. The advancement of technology allows spices of Indian origin to be cultivated and produced in other countries with climates similar to India. Home grown spices, however, continue to beat the competition when it comes to quality. The yellow turmeric, red chilli, brown cinnamon, and black pepper produced here has a distinct aroma and taste that cannot be found elsewhere.
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