The myth of skills dried chilli dried to avoid

by:Hetian     2020-09-29
Avoid sharp pick wet dry chili pepper, one of the pitfalls of time following the harvest of the whole air to water content in the first 18% 20% when to pick the fruit, and then drying to 14%, some pepper farmers in order to save trouble, direct drying to 14% in the whole plant, chili too dry, easy to broken, caused by bad picking pepper, seriously affect the speed and quality of picking fruit. The most appropriate way is in the dry chili more than 85% - 18% 20% when can pick the fruit, is characterized by dry chili grip in the hand feel slightly elastic, and not broken. Also have use 'hand seed ring, his hands shaking pepper plants can hear the sound of the chilli seed impact chili wall is up to standard. Can also adopt the method of artificial return 5 - before harvest 12 h with water spray, water temperature is 25 ~ 35 ℃. The advantage is: clean pepper noodles, removal of dust and mud, and reduce the heat to the person's stimulation, good work, JiaoGuo less damage. Spices plant steam baking spice plant in addition to planting base in large specification is, at the same time supporting the corresponding the standardization of more than 3000 tons of cold storage, and handling of the steam drying of more than 80 tons of fresh chili baking assembly line equipment, namely to control capsaicin dryness, guarantee, dried chilli and color of uniform red again. Spice plants according to the characteristics of various varieties of dry chili, such as southern chili dry wet gas is high, the fresh water feature, baking to ninety-five percent dry, combined with sealing packaging ( Keep both the bright colour and lustre, and holds strong pepper spiciness, at the same time the temperature 20 ℃ can be stored within two months or more) , the northern base is given priority to with natural air, retain the original products, and drying to the preservation conditions of dryness advisable, with breathable packaging to storage. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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