The Chilli Pepper Company is fast becoming one

by:Hetian     2020-05-26
The Chilli Pepper Company is primarily known for its extensive range of chilli seeds but also for scarily hot chilli sauces such as the infamous 10 Minute Burn Hot Sauce that has been banned from no less than three chilli shows! The Chilli Pepper Company couldn't even leave it at that and had to produce a hotter version aptly named 15 Minute Burn! One of the greatest achievements from the Chilli Pepper Company to this day is still the creation of a new type of chilli called Naga Viper, ranked as Hottest Chilli in the World not so long ago, which was later used to make The Chilli Pepper Company Naga Viper Hot Sauce. Winner of the Hybrid Pepper Award for innovation as well as coming second place for the Unique Dry Spice award, The Chilli Pepper Company's Flaming Peppercorns are simply amazing. Just imagine good quality black peppercorns being marinated in Bhut Jolokia Vegetable Oil for a while and you'll have a slight idea as to how hot (and good!) these Flaming Peppercorns actually are. You truly only need about 5 peppercorns per person to get a real chilli fix but the added advantage is that you food will also be seasoned. The Chilli Pepper Company's Berbere spice is one of our bestsellers at the Devil's Garden as it really takes you to an exotic place thanks to the clever mix of Red chillies, Fenugreek, Ginger Root, Coriander, Allspice, Cloves, Cardamom and Ajowan seeds which is similar in taste to parsley. This is a staple spice in African cuisine but it doesn't have to stop there. This is a very versatile spice and we keep coming up with new ways of using it. A chilli that we'll never get tired of is the smoked Jalapeno otherwise known as Chipotle. This chilli brings a whole new dimension to any dish although beware of The Chilli Pepper Company's own version ground into flakes as their chipotles are definitely smoked and definitely potent! You really get the authentic flavour of the Jalapeno which is what we love about it while the smokiness transforms soups, stews, burgers and just about anything you can think of in a whirl of pleasures unknown! As always The Chilli Pepper Company is eager to bring the general public spices that would otherwise be very difficult to get such as his Indonesian 7 seas spice. A very influential country when it comes to cooking, Indonesia believes in a tasty and spicy food for all to enjoy and this blend of coriander, cumin, celery seeds, cloves, red chillies, green cardamom and cassia bark definitely does that! The Chilli Pepper Company's Kirmizi Biber is also a bestseller at the Devil's Garden as it is a fine blend of flakes hot chilli peppers that have been salted and dried along with sweet red pepper that are then rubbed with olive oil and slowly roasted, thus creating a wonderful seasoning that will knock your socks off. The Chilli Pepper Company spices are very very hard to resist and once you have smelt the aroma coming from the kitchen you'll never want to leave ever again. Its spices are not only a pleasure to the senses but we have found that they also bring people together, enticing them to relate travel stories and exotic food they have had over the years. This alone is the mark of a great brand.
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