Summary: The authentic coconut chutney is a vibrant

by:Hetian     2020-05-22
Chutney is one of the famous sauces offered in various parts of India. And based on the geographical region the taste and ingredients differ. Many would also admit that there are various Indian dishes which are incomplete without chutney. Chutney can also be described as a vibrant dip which can exemplify the whole experience of Indian cuisine. Be it any part of the meal- breakfast, lunch, evening snack, or dinner chutneys are a habitual side dish on all tables which render many mouthwatering for all the right reasons. The sailors of Vasco da Gama were the ones to introduce Europe to this wonderful fruit who referred to it as a ghost or witch called Coco. Later it was known by the name nux indica by Marco Polo which translates to Indian Nut. Kerala is famous of producing the largest quantities of coconut across India which are not only tender but also soft and sweet in the middle. Coconut chutney is a very popular accompaniment for various South Indian dishes. In states like Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala any breakfast would be considered incomplete if served without this people's choice chutney. Like other famous chutneys this chutney can be had during any part of the day as it tastes very wonderful especially when prepared with right quantity and quality of spices and ingredients. Unlike older days when mortar and pestle were used to make a fine coarse paste now-a-days people use electric blenders to make this wonderfully tasting blend of coconut and spices. Preparing coconut chutney does not require specialized culinary skills as it is easy and fast to make. The authentic coconut chutney is the best accompaniment for Idli, dosa, uttappam, wada, upma and pongal. One just needs to add roasted Channa dal, cashewnuts, ginger, green chillies, tamarind, salt and the grated coconut and blend to a fine paste. Add to that a tarka made by adding oil, mustard, cumin, urad dal, dry red chilli, hing, curry leaves in a pan and once done top it on the coconut chutney for a lip smacking experience.
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