Prevention and control of chili magnesium deficiency should be don't wrong again

by:Hetian     2020-09-21
The symptoms of magnesium deficiency causes' Symptoms 】 Chili magnesium deficiency often began in the period, blade along main veins on both sides of the yellow, gradually extended to the whole leaf, but the main veins, lateral veins remained clear green. Sweet pepper magnesium deficiency often begins with a tip, gradually expand to the veins on both sides of the mesophyll part. A strain of pepper fruit more magnesium deficiency phenomenon is more serious. Once the magnesium deficiency, photosynthesis decreased, small fruit, lower productivity. 【 The cause of 】 (1) the soil for the magnesium deficiency: soil for magnesium deficiency is the main cause of vegetable magnesium deficiency. Warm and rainy in southeast China, leaching is strong, generally for the magnesium deficiency prone areas. Factors that affect soil effective magnesium level mainly include: first, the weathering degree of the soil and different soil due to soil parent material and weathering degree is different, the magnesium content is different, red soil weathering degree is high, mineral decomposition more thoroughly, containing magnesium by very few. Purple soil weathering degree is low, high magnesium. Generally in jiangnan area red loam vegetable base is easy to lack of magnesium. Second, the soil texture, the magnesium in the soil of strong sex easily washed out, the effective magnesium content in soil is low, often cannot meet the needs of the vegetable growth. A coarse magnesium deficiency soil are mainly distributed in a valley, hilly region. Third, acid, alkaline soil, soil effective magnesium decreased with increasing soil acidity, because of the strong acidic soil effective magnesium leaching easily. (2) the climate conditions, climate conditions on the influence of magnesium mainly have two aspects, one is rainy; Second, the drought and strong light. More rain lead to the loss of magnesium, this influence is big regional, such as southern magnesium deficiency soil distribution. Do early, strong light induced by magnesium deficiency is a small area, for example in the leaf vegetable field Angle fully exposed to the sun than in adept shade each other has a tendency to multiple, resend. Reduced the dry early vegetables on the absorption of magnesium. Summer can accentuate light magnesium deficiency, may be a strong light destroys chlorophyll, accelerate the faded green leaf. (3) improper fertilization: when vegetables excessive application will cause lack of magnesium, potassium and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer because of excessive amounts of potassium, ammonium ion destroyed the nutrient balance, inhibits plant absorption of magnesium. Nitrogen vegetable, it is also one of the reasons of the vegetable magnesium deficiency. Method of prevention and cure' Method of prevention and cure. Inadequate use of magnesium fertilizer, soil for magnesium magnesium deficiency can supplement magnesium fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, etc. , is commonly used in 2 ~ 4 kg (per dosage of 667 square meters According to the effective magnesium juice) 。 For some acidic soil is best magnesium lime ( Dolomite calcined lime) 50-100 kg, supply magnesium, and can improve soil acidity. Many contain a high magnesium fertilizer such as calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer, according to local soil conditions and application status of adjust measures to local conditions to choose them. According to some information, help the absorption of magnesium and magnesium fertilizer phosphate fertilization. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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