Pepper manufacturer about black and white pepper to their respective applicable cuisines

by:Hetian     2020-08-26
Pepper manufacturer: there are two kinds of pepper, is a kind of white pepper, one kind is black pepper. 1, black pepper, fruity with using a lot of western food, such as a mashed potatoes, Fried steak, Fried chicken fillet, make soup all need to put, I prefer black pepper ground, tastes more thick, black pepper is suitable for the overall taste heavy, more Chinese food and beef, chicken is tie-in, such as a very classic black pepper beef fillet. 2, white pepper suitable food: 1) Cooking, cooking, such as the Fried eel wire will put, cooking such as chowder. 2) Make stuffing, making dumplings, wonton, steamed buns, pies can put some. 3) Soup porridge, such as fish soup, seafood soup, tofu soup, seafood porridge. White pepper applicable range is wide, meat and vegetarian dishes can be, to increase incense, best to smell smell great effect, and the smell of fish, seafood is very special taste. Not suitable for stewed food, more suitable for delicious but lighter dishes. Above is the pepper manufacturer of black pepper and white pepper for food, have you learned? You can look at our website!
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