One way you can lose weight is to make your own

by:Hetian     2020-06-08
One tip is to roast your vegetables before you cook with them. This makes vegetables taste sweeter and makes it less necessary to add butter, sugar or creamy sauces. You can serve them on their own or puree them and use them as a base for stock, dips and sauces. To roast vegetables all you need to do is spray them with low fat cooking spray, coating them lightly and then roasting in a pan. The result is a low calorie solution to flavouring foods. One of the problems of eating low calorie foods is that they can taste so bland. One thing you can do is use spices to make them more attractive to your palate. Adding spices and herbs to water oil also helps fibre rich foods like cous cous and rice taste better. You can also prevent adding fat when baking by substituting butters, fats and oils with pureed substitutes. This allows you to retain the moisture in baked foods without giving up any flavour. Yet another trick is to cook with fresh juices and fruits. This can help you cut down on the consumption of fat and sugar in your recipes. You can even add these to savoury dishes to give them more oomph. Another thing you can do is to use a wire rack when you cook. Placing the wire rack above the roasting pan allows fatty juices to drip down into the pan. You can also grill fish and meats in milk or coconut milk to save money. It is advisable to use a cooking spray whenever you can. This can save you from eating thousands of calories. Most people fry foods using at least tablespoons of oil which is worth 2100 calories of fat. All you really need is a spray that contains seven calories 'per misting' of your frying pan or salad bowl. You don't have to buy commercially made vegetable oil spray either. You can buy a pressurised canister that you can put your own oils in. If you need more moisture while cooking you can also add a little juice or low fat broth to help the vegetables cook faster while flavouring them at the same time. The point is that you can cook with just about everything else but fat. That way you don't have to add unnecessary calories to the food you are eating. In fact when it comes to being one of the most natural ways to lose weight making your own food is one of the best approaches to cutting calories.
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