History of dried chilli wholesale market you know?

by:Hetian     2020-09-19
Dried chilli dried chilli cultural difference, actually first development in the industry, the two parties in chili pepper varieties, features, there is a big difference, but later because of the national market open convenience, and the demand of the market, the difference between the two koreas. But for authentic, landmark pepper varieties, chili cultural differences of the north and the south, and because of these differences, let more people find opportunity in dry hot pepper on the market, and promote the development of the dry chili wholesale market, can be seen from the following points: first, dried chilli market changes in terms of dried chili itself, its spiciness than ordinary small green pepper, pepper, capsaicin content is much higher than the pepper, and from shandong, sichuan gradually into the hot pepper in the north, also makes the national presented a eat chili, according to the statistics, eat spicy number increased year by year, the impact of the people not only pursue taste buds, but also to seek a spiritual stimulation, thus, the corner malatang or hunan museum began to have mushroomed miraculously growth, northerners are more for more 'just the right flavour' sichuan cuisine and hunan. Secondly, in terms of agricultural goods, and its sales risk is relatively small, and dried chillies, because it is a dry, in the process of production was doomed from the characteristics of easy to save, so its risk is smaller; Coupled with chili powder, soon dried chilli products is in great demand at home and abroad, such as chilli extract in a chemical and making cosmetics raw material, so its USES, and the more widely used, the more brings to the seller and wholesaler of security market. Dried chilli investment, in general is a risk of relatively small investment. Finally, dry chili or dried chilli products sales can make a lot of money. Dried chilli products are small, but the market demand is great, has a very wide range of sales market, dried chili can be supplied to each big hotel, not just secondary production can also be supplied to the factory, this is a very huge sales chain, wholesalers are now reportedly eyeing the land of abundance, and 'spice factory', seems to account for all the days, location, and the advantages of: nearly one hundred thousand mu of natural hot pepper production base, shandong is located in the hometown of chili, using the most natural of manual picking. Its in the development of small and medium-sized famous hot pepper industry, has become a Zhou Black Duck, old dopted mother, well-known enterprises such as pepper production source for pepper promotion made great contributions in the north. In short, to do a successful chili wholesalers, to choose the kind of pepper is suitable for the market development, to understand the chili sales object, and actively seek big company, big business cooperation. Compared with those of other fresh chili and dried chillies, which seems to be a notch above, of course, choose what kind of hot pepper for wholesale, depends on the surrounding environment and people, and many other factors, but the success of the distributors or wholesalers, science will always choose the market, rather than a parrot, should have their own development path. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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