Garlic prices

by:Hetian     2020-10-10
Garlic was introduced into China from the western regions during the qin and han dynasty, the artificial cultivation of breeding, has anti-cancer effects, the public's like eating. Garlic is flat spherical or short conical, gray or pale brown membranous scales skin outside, strip leaf, there were 6 ~ 10 cloves, wheel was born around the stem, stem base disk, with most of the fibrous root. Each cloves outsourcing film, remove the film, namely, see white, thick juicy scales. Have strong garlic spicy, spicy taste. Stimulating odour, edible or used for seasoning, can also be used as a medicine. Underground bulb split, according to the different though divided into the categories of purple and white skin. Different types of garlic prices must be will be different and different demand, the price also will be different, so depending on what you want to varieties of garlic, want how much, can go to ask the manufacturer directly.
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