Garlic cultivation factory

by:Hetian     2020-10-10
Garlic cultivation factory is advised to choose a larger size, colour and lustre sowing good garlic, using artificial scalping to break off the disc, remove the garlic pallet and stems, to classification of cloves, choose big granule, outward appearance pure white, no damage, cloves do kind of dull skin, wants each weighs 5 grams, seed production of less relationship of high and low, so try to choose the seeds of larger particles. Garlic crop water demand is bigger, to keep the soil, though, to make its rapid growth, generally want watering during whole growth period, four times a sow, as soon as possible in order to make its germination; Secondary seedling, promote seedling growth; Three out of the moss, promote the growth of garlic moss; Four times in the bulb), improve the bulb) moisture, in order to avoid bad bulb growth.
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