Dried chilli wholesale trade terms and definitions that you know?

by:Hetian     2020-09-11
Dry hot pepper industry knowledge science dried chilli wholesale industry, there are a lot of professional term, but there are a lot of people do not understand, even within the same industry friends also is not too clear, today, spice factory to introduce in dried chilli dried chilli professional terminology and definition of the wholesale industry: industry terminology and definition of 1, dry red pepper: refers to the mature red pepper basked in by the natural landscape or artificial dry chili products made. 2, imperfect pepper: refers to some defects or dried chilli pepper body of red. Including black pepper, pepper, white flowers shell shell chili pepper, insect damage: pepper, elongation at break, not ripe pepper, etc. 3, not ripe pepper: refers to the fabricated with unripe fresh chili dry pepper, its are significantly smaller, flat shrinkage, colour and lustre is dim, fewer seeds or seedless. 4, flower pepper shell: refers to the part of red pepper body loss, yellow or white markings, patches of dry chili. 5, white pepper shell: refers to the dry red pepper body drops a yellowish-white, fleshy disappear in light of lamellar dry chili. After 6, black pepper: refers to the harm of diseases and pests, dried chilli pepper body is black, black spots. 7, mildew spot pepper: refers to the surface or internal have mildew dried chilli pepper body. 8, breaking pepper: refers to the fracture damage ( Length is less than normal bell pepper, 1/2 or rupture of pepper, 1/2) But not bad dry chili. 9, insect damage: pepper: refers to the rats and mice by an insect bite, decay of dried chili, including with resin and its pollutant dried chilli. 10, evenness: refers to a group of dried chillies, the overall shape of the body length, colour and lustre, pepper and wide neat uniform program. 11, body dry bulk seed: refers to the mature pepper seeds dark yellow after dried, and placenta from nature, shaking pepper body there was a noise. 12, impurity: refers to all other substances except pepper fruit, including chili hard rod, chili, pepper leaf, outside the chili pepper seeds. And so on are impurities; 13, heterogeneous pepper: refers to do not belong to this species or appearance and the other dry pepper varieties had significant difference. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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