Cu fish can be cooked into many delicious dishes

by:Hetian     2020-05-22
Steamed Cu fish is an indispensable dish on the menu in the coastal land of Quang. One time, on a Hoian tours of Asia Tourism Holiday, I had an occation to try this dish, it taste very strange and delicious. Steamed Cu fish is cooked very simple. Before steam about 15 minutes just marinated them with a little oil, seasoning salt, salt for absorbed, and steamed all on the grill for about 15 minutes. Fry garlic aromatic, put in minced meat, mushrooms to fry together, four more a little stock of boil chicken and seasoning, soya bean sauce to boil the sauce. When all is cooked, pour sauce over and steamed for 5 more minutes. This dish when eating should roll by rice cake together with green leafy vegetables, green banana, star fruit, eat together with the sauce mixed chili and garlic, its taste very delicious. View to see photo and more information of this Hoian special here: The hotpot of this special is favorite dish for many peoples. Choose very fresh of them, cut to small pieces, marinated with spice of pepper, chili sauce, onion, fish sauce for absorbed. Boil chicken broth, put the head and tail of the them into the pot first and then add herbs such as cinnamon, coriander (chopped) and vegetables such as tomatoes, okra. Finally pour the fish into. If want cook soup with sour taste can add tamarind leaves, star fruit, or sour bamboo shoots in the pot ... the pot has boiled, add sugar, seasioning, fish sauce, lemon grass, chili. Cu fish hot pot is served with rice noodles, the meat is tough, sweet broth, eat once and remember forever. Perhaps most common dish of this is grilled Cu fish. Just sprinkle with salt and chilli on them, wrapped in banana leaves and fire on charcoals. You can also fry this and eat with sauce mix garlic, chilli, sugar, lemon juice and together with vegetables ...
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