crushed paprika export destinations
Crushed paprika is proved to have good export potential in global markets. It possesses unique and vital features that are hard to duplicate. Through export, Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. not only gains benefits, expands the sales network, but most importantly has the opportunity to access new ideas and technologies.

Founded by exceptionally innovative technology, Hetian is a broad famous exporter in the area of ginger powder. Hetian's main products include garlic powder series. Complying with strict production safety standards, Hetian jalapeno powder recipes is manufactured and processed by antistatic methods to protect its chips from damage. This product can greatly excite people's taste buds. our team follows the standard way to strengthen the administration of enterprises. The product can be generally stored at a normal temperature.

We act in an environmentally responsible way. We are striving hard to develop products that are totally recyclable or extend the products' shelf life. We do as much as possible to reduce the impact of our products on the environment. Please contact.
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