Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers inventory prickly ash strong effect for you

by:Hetian     2020-08-27
Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturer speak Chinese prickly ash containing volatile oils, alkaloids, coumarin, and organic acid, with local anesthesia, analgesia, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial wormwood, antioxidation, antitumor, pesticides and other pharmacological activities. Specific to see: anticoagulant inhibit thrombosis. Today we learn about the specific. Insect repellent itching prickly ash is not only to eat spicy, smell will also have a very unique taste, and the taste is a lot of bugs don't like, this mainly is the role of Chinese prickly ash contains volatile oil. If skin irritation or mosquito bites is very urticant, can also use Chinese prickly ash water daub, quickly relieve itching. Antibacterial, the sterilization effect in Chinese prickly ash, there are two very special ingredients azone and dimethyl sulfoxide, the experiment proves this two ingredients can inhibit fungi, can enter the fungal cell to accelerate its death. Analgesic action because Chinese prickly ash, spicy, this feeling has the effect of pain, although the effect is not so obvious anesthetic, but the animal experiments have proved that Chinese prickly ash has obvious pain. Catharsis effect that protect liver someone did experiment with mice, the extract of Chinese prickly ash injected into the body of mice, it is found that Chinese prickly ash water has the effect of prevention of ulcerative colitis. But also against liver damage, also found that Chinese prickly ash has the effect of catharsis, although this effect is slower, but the effect to be permanent. To prevent snoring if sleep snoring, seven, eight Chinese prickly ash bubble water to drink in the evening, even for a few days, when sleeping is not snore. Grain insects for food has been decay, with dozens of grain on the prickly ash into cloth, and worm will run away or die. Above is the Chinese prickly ash wholesale manufacturers bring information to share, learn more related knowledge introduction, welcome to our official website.
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