Burger is very popular fast food in India cause

by:Hetian     2020-05-18
Which burger you like..? Aaloo tikki burger, chicken burger, veggie burger, sweet hot Thai burger, Mexican burger, Lebanese burger or feta burger..? whatever flavour your choice! don,t worry cause Hard rock cafe bringing for you a big Burger festival. This festival will happen every branch of Hard Rock Cafe from Jul 02, 2012 to Jul 29, 2012 all day events. Some people like it char-grilled with a smoky flavour, and some others like it with translucent onion rings, some love it juicy while yet others like theirs oozing with melted cheese... We're talking about the all-American hamburger which has a cult following in almost any and every part of the world! Closer to home, Hard Rock Cafe (HRC), a fancied restaurant in Bangalore and Delhi, is all set to host the Legendary Burger Festival, but it's a festival with a difference: there's a shift from the All-American burger to burgers with Lebanese, Mediterranean, Mexican and Sri Lankan flavours. There will be 'burg-a-thons' where the one who finishes a gigantic burger first stands to win an HRC T-shirt and a Rs 500 gift voucher! The burgers are getting bigger and better at HRC! Get a bite of what's new on the menu: the Thai chicken burger has a distinct sweet-spicy-lemon grassy taste, while the Mexican beef burger is a medley of ground beef, jalapenos, sour cream and taco sauce. Go for the mint-paprika-parsley-garlic infused Lebanese beef / veg burger, bite into the flavourful Mediterranean burger which comes with a hint of oregano, kalamata olives, lemon zest, rosemary and dill or enjoy the piquant, spicy taste of Sri Lankan burgers. For the die-hard desis there's tandoori lamb burger to sink their teeth into. If you're one who likes to watch what you eat, then HRC is offering you the choice of substituting the burger with a half-pound of perfectly grilled chicken breast (Legendary Chicken option). That's not it: wash down the chunky, juicy burgers with innovative drinks that enhance the fun and flavour. Frozen daiquiris come in a variety of Bacardi and virgin mixes from ginger, cucumber and kaffir lime to Mexican chilly and a hint of mint! HRC deserves a 'patty' on the back for coming up with the idea of innovative and adventurous burgers echoing global flavours. So where are you..? Bangalore or Delhi!!! just go and enjoy your favourite burger in different flavours nearby your home. For more food festival you can visit Food and Dining Events in Bangalore or Delhi.
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