Any good brands for chili pepper flakes ?
The choice of pepper flakes is always based on quality, cost and services. There are many manufacturers specialized in this field. Qingdao Hetian Foods Co., Ltd. is a choice. Various manufacturers have different targets. You are expected to search on the internet by typing in the product and the support expected, e.g."pepper flakes OEM", in order to find the top brands. When you get the manufacturer, you may check the origin of raw materials, the technology adopted and the services provided.

Hetian focuses on the production of paprika powder to create value for customers. Hetian's main products include jalapeno powder series. Product quality is guaranteed because of the rigorous quality control process that effectively eliminates defects. This product helps fight inflammation and reduce damage to the body’s cells. Hetian has a complete set of product quality assurance system. The product helps in maintaining healthy bacterial growth in the large intestine.

Our company has implemented a universal process to achieve our sustainability goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, solid landfill waste, and water consumption. Get an offer!
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