Anhui pepper breeding technology mature, dry chili industrialization

by:Hetian     2020-08-31
Anhui pepper breeding techniques mature anhui huanghuai region climate conditions suitable for pepper growth, is one of three big pepper seed production areas in China. Huanghuai region pepper breeding began in the late 1980 s, line pepper on breeding performance is far better than bubble pepper, not only high yield, and have good disease resistance. In terms of management, we adopt the 'company + base + professional cooperatives + planting large' mode of industrialization, to ensure that farmers, production income is not lower than 20000 yuan per mu increasingly, for increasing farmers' income is a more than 1000 ten thousand yuan. Spice factory in shandong, one hundred thousand mu of pepper production base supplier shandong spice factory owns nearly one hundred thousand mu of fertile land, relying on the unique natural resources of the base, the main concept of food safety, is really the kind of a chain, production, sales of dried chilli supply manufacturers. Both at home and abroad at present, the company has seven large chili base of cooperation, both for the region is very new landmark pepper varieties, such as shandong, yunnan, millet of wild pepper, xinjiang line pepper pepper S17, India and so on. Shandong spice plants, 21 years focused on dried chilli wholesale, if you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!
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